We’re hiring: St. John’s IceCaps writer

We’re passionate about the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Jets. What we can’t forget is the development of those athletes and where it happens. We’re excited that the AHL affiliate of the Jets organization is not only located in Canada, but in St. John’s as the IceCaps. We try to differentiate our site from the other Winnipeg Jets sites by including information on the St. John’s IceCaps, or Caps as they’ll be known locally in St. John’s. In order to provide better insight, we’re looking for a writer based in St. John’s.

Our qualifications are simple:

  • Be passionate about hockey, specifically the St. John’s IceCaps
  • Live in Newfoundland
  • Have the ability to write your thoughts with a fairly solid grasp of the English language

Additional bonus:

  • Live in St. John’s
  • Previous blogging experience with the WordPress platform
  • Basic SEO writing skills
  • Be a season ticket holder
  • You’re last name is Stevenson (doubtful, but huge bonus points & not required)

This is an open position and we’re always looking to recruit top talent, much like any organization. Our pay structure sucks – there is none right now. You’re rewarded knowing that you share your passion and views with thousands of regular readers each week. As we grow our reader base and generate revenue, you will be included in part of our revenue share plan.

Send us a note by using our contact form with some information about your experience and why you’d like to join us. Or if you’d like to attach a copy of your resume and writing samples, then simply use the submit news form and send it our way.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the family.

 NB: This is an unpaid position, subject to profit share.